Cancer Warning! Save the Boobies… From Big Pharma

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Recent studies reveal that SSRIs and some antidepressants are dooming women to more breast cancer (along with BPA, Atrazine and other contaminants).

Save the boobies! 1 in 3 Women Face Cancer. Want the Cure? Then get a clue about the causes and prevention… i.e. avoiding an increasingly long list of man-made chemicals, drugs, pesticides, plastic compounds, industrial derivatives, pollution and more…

The plague of endocrine disrupting compounds has been found in countless studies to contribute towards breast cancer, prostate cancer and more. SSRIs and some other antidepressants now stand as some of the most dangerous substances to women over 40 and in particular those facing breast cancer — in addition to the already ubiquitous hormone-imalancing chemicals like Bisphenol A, Atrazine (a common herbicide), dioxins, organophosphate pesticides, phthalates and numerous others.

SSRIs — frequently prescribed to women with breast cancer to treat depression — have been shown to make breast cancer, and the chances of death, worse. That is because SSRI’s, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, not only alter the chemicals in your brain, but also the hormones in the endocrine system, causing estrogen-like activity that can promote tumors in breast tissues.

Of course, this is only making headlines in 2014, after studies from the late 1990s clearly showed cause enough for alarm to justify the precautionary principle.

However, the lucrative profits from manufacture and marketing of Big Pharma drugs may well have clouded the issue too much to save the lives that have already been lost from this interaction between SSRIs and breast cancer treatments.

Some 1 in 3 American women now face cancer in their lifetimes, with breast cancer by far the most common; yet the issue of endocrine disrupting compounds found throughout the food supply, drugs and environment have been hardly been discussed as suspects and contributors to this deadly disease. Oh well, throw up a salmon-colored ribbon to show support for something the establishment has no real intention of understanding or preventing.

That’s alright, just keep running so fast for the “cure” that you gloss right over the laundry list of suspect ingredients from our modern life that may just be the “cause”.

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