Rising ‘Hispanic’ Star George P. Bush Confronted on Family’s Nazi Banking Past


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The little known George P. Bush (from the powerful Bush Dynasty) is rising to political power in Texas on his ‘Hispanic’ credentials. His rising star is a Trojan Horse towards stopping a “Blue State” from emerging in Texas, swinging potentially Democratic voters back to the GOP, while priming the Southwest for the immigration reforms designed by his father Jeb Bush at the Council on Foreign Relations – in turn part of the larger plan to usher in a North American Union and seize vast land areas for the planned Trans-Texas Corridor which will fast-track NAFTA-on-steroids global trade.

With George P. Bush, grandson of George H.W. Bush, campaigning in Texas to secure political office and his place in the 4th generation Bush Dynasty as a “Hispanic” leader, a Latino activist named Hector Cubillos confronted him on the inconvenient truth of his family’s Nazi connections. George P. Bush was named after Sen. Prescott S. Bush, the father of George H.W. Bush, who was a partner at Union Banking Corporation – a bank that had its assets frozen under the 1942 Trading With the Enemy Act for financing Hitler and the Nazis.

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Interview with activist Hector Cubillos who confronted George P. Bush & key details on the big picture agenda:

Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton of Truthstream Media.com speak with Hector Cubillos of PoliticalScams.me, the Texas resident and Mexican national who confronted the blue blood Bush scion on exploiting his Hispanic credentials to gain office.

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The London Guardian, among other sources, have confirmed the scandal and Nazi connection through historical documents. Nevertheless, the powerful Bush Dynasty has played a role in war profiteering, the creation of the CIA, shady covert operations and has now seen two U.S. presidents named George Bush, along with other powerful political figures.

As Melissa Melton wrote for the Daily Sheeple:

Despite this scandalous history (or, rather, because of it), Prescott Bush played a role along with Averell Harriman in setting up the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and passing the National Security Act of 1947. Prescott’s son, George H.W. Bush, would later become CIA director in the 1970s. Webster Tarpley’s unauthorized Bush biography details the entire history.

Will George P. Bush be the next political superstar – or even possibly the Third President George Bush? Certainly there are ambitions… and George P. Bush has been groomed since he was a little boy for a future in politics.

A new drama of mass proportions is unfolding in Texas.

George P. Bush: Gateway to a Larger Agenda in Texas and North America

The son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is now seeking election for Texas Land Commissioner – a position well under the radar of most political spectators – but which holds powerful clout over vast land areas, imminent domain, veteran’s rights, education … and in particular over a pet project with many Bush hands already in it – the formation of the Trans-Texas Corridor and the gradual completion of the North American Union.

In Hector Cubillos’ confrontation, Bush admitted that his dealings with imminent domain and private property rights as Texas Land Commissioner would deal extensively with the Trans-Texas Corridor – a project that became so controversial in Texas during the George W. Bush Presidency that Gov. Rick Perry publicly backed off and talk of the toll road and construction project fell to a faint murmur.

In 2012, Jerome Corsi of WND, who wrote the book The Late Great USA: NAFTA, the North American Union, and the Threat of a Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada warned in 2012 that the Trans-Texas Corridor project – halted by public opposition – was back, with recent agreements signed by Gov. Rick Perry and new energy to bring about its completion on behalf of the corporate elite.

These mega-projects would combine the economies and territories of Canada, the United States and Mexico, while fast-tracking corporate dominance and paving over existing properties with a gigantic new transport highway that runs vertically from lower Mexico up through Texas all the way to Canada – and also overlay with the controversial Agenda 21 MegaRegions/MegaCities development plans. Compounding with this are the changing demographics of Texas, which many political pundits say could turn “blue” and swing Democratic, while the Republican party in a firm “red” state (patently crafted by Bush insider Karl Rove) is trying to stay relevant by showcasing Hispanic candidates like George P. Bush – all while his daddy Jeb Bush is pushing the Immigration Reform Plan he wrote for the elitist and secretive Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) [PDF].


The impact of these vast changes in policy and infrastructure are part of a globalist scheme to transform the structure of governance and place the rights of the Constitution under the yoke of “Free Trade” and treaty law. Hector Cubillos explains how he has seen the destabilizing impacts of NAFTA first hand growing up in Mexico, and how it contributing to mass migration and an influx of illegal immigration in the United States.

There is yet more to this story, but these developments alone are enough to take notice of the ascension to power of yet another Bush political figure.


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