Are Artificial Food Colors Causing Your Kid to Act Like a Cracked Out Psycho?

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(Truthstream Media)

Most people eat foods with artificial colors in them, but most don’t know that these colors are actually coal tar derivatives —  petroleum byproducts. Many studies have shown these dyes are dangerous to health, which is why they are banned in a bunch of countries throughout the world including the European Union.

Not in America, of course. We hardly ever seem to ban anything dangerous here (aspartame, MSG, carrageenan, BPA, and parabens anyone?), and when we do, we’re usually the last ones to do it only after its so glaringly obvious something is bad for our health, it might as well be written across a giant blinking neon sign floating in space.

For example, we have an off-the-charts ADHD “epidemic” among our children in this country…but do we really?

Or is the culprit behind this rash of childhood behavioral issues staring us right in the face from our chemical-laden dinner plates and medicine cabinets?

Food for thought.


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