Decadent French State Dinner Motto: “Let Them Eat GMO Cake!”



Let them eat GMO cake!

We’re at a time in history where our representatives are introducing bills that call out our White House for the hypocrites they are. How sad is that?

While Obama recently hosted “His Excellency French President Francois Hollande” at a lavish 2500-calorie White House state dinner that served caviar and 12 kinds of potatoes, public school kids across the nation are starving under the chemical-laden, GMO-filled, but otherwise sparse meal plan forced by White House regulation.

The Daily Caller reported, “The [public school lunch] law has been tweaked since its inception to make limitations less spartan. However, it’s still pretty spartan. According to Fox News, the USDA permits America’s elementary school kids a maximum of 1,150 calories for both breakfast and lunch combined.”

The decadence of this dinner for the French Head of State is perfectly timed for a “let them eat cake” moment. The French Revolution may be playing out again, as wealth is being destroyed in this country at the same time the masses are reduced to survival levels.

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