Bayer CEO: ‘We make drugs for Westerners WHO CAN AFFORD THEM!’



Eugenics, much?

Check out the nerve of this Big Pharma CEO featured right here in The Raw Story.

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If ever there was a question about what Big Pharma is really in business for, apparently the answer is saving lives…of people who can afford it.

When questioned about his company’s lost lawsuit against India for trying to enforce patent protection on a $69,000 medicine no one in the country can afford, Bayer CEO Marijn Dekkers told Bloomberg that Bayer doesn’t make that medicine for Indian Markets…”We developed this product for Western patients who can afford this product, quite honestly.”

After controversy ensued, the head of the pharmaceutical giant clarified his statement with Bloomberg Businessweek to indicate that he meant the firm didn’t sell to the Indian market, not Indian people – but is there any real difference to the intent beyond just a semantic glaze?

You’d think that Dekkers would be a little bit more apologetic about rolling out his company’s mission statement like that, seeing as how Bayer Pharmaceuticals has already been caught A) shipping out HIV-tainted blood products overseas in the 80s to various parts of the world and B) the company has all kinds of documented ties to the dark past of IG Farben, the Nazis, the use of slave laborers during the Holocaust and the manufacturing of deadly Zyklon B gas.

This dark shadow has continued to spread across time to its current place in the modern cartel of Big Pharma and globalist profiteers – the elite and secretive Bilderberg network, which wields undue influence over politics, banking and industry, was founded by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, himself a former Nazi SS Officer and a board member for IG Farben (the parent company of Bayer).

The huge lobby and agenda behind pharmaceuticals, vaccines, GMOs and other ‘health’ technology is manifestly connected to the same ends intent on controlling the food supply and medical industry.




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