Did Katy Perry Really Summon Satan at the 2014 Grammys?

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(Truthstream Media)

That’s the question hundreds of people on Twitter have asked following this year’s Grammy Awards.

(Again, that’s not me saying that…that’s hundreds of people across the country saying that. Gotta love when people shoot the messenger…)

Following Perry’s fiery Baphomet-filled performance — you know, Katy Perry, the “Christian” who sells her pop music to little girls and has admitted to selling her soul to Satan to do it — even E!Online was asking what’s up:

It’s a good thing we killed our television a long time ago. It’s no secret that these award shows have been riddled with in-your-face occult and Satanic symbolism for awhile now; it’s just gotten so terrifically blatant in recent years that it’s a predictable joke at this point.

Ah, the Grammys…because it’s just not a music awards show here in America without a satanic ritual, some soft core porn and a mass gay wedding.

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