Creepy New Disney RFID Bracelet to Allow Park Mascots to Greet Your Child By Name


(Truthstream Media)

Frankly, Disney creeps me out, and my research affirms that those feelings are not at all misplaced. When I saw that one of the new capabilities of Disney’s ever-so-magical RFID bracelet program was to allow the middle-aged guy with no background check who dresses like Goofy and wonders the park greeting kids all day to know people’s children by name, I thought this definitely requires a report.

And it used to be that Disney just scanned your fingerprints

According to All Things Digital, the newest creepfest is part of making your trip to Disney that much more personal:

The brightly colored bands link with online profiles for each visiting family member, and can be scanned at park kiosks to access advance ride bookings, receive customer service, and pay for all the stuff your kids want to buy.

While wearing her MagicBand, your daughter who loves Disney princesses might be approached by her favorite of the park’s life-size characters and be greeted by name, [Disney resorts head Tom] Skaggs said.

So remember kids, don’t talk to strangers (even if they know your name and are dressed like a giant smiling mouse)…at Disneyworld.

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