Trendy Bicycle Rentals Cost $75/day in Agenda 21 Austin



Agenda 21: When going “green” is sure to cost you a fortune!

Austin, Texas and many cities across America are being rebuilt to be lean, green and expensive as hell… for the environment, or to fast track the lining of certain insider pockets, whatever.

In the name of concentrated “smart growth,” Austin is building up high-rise apartments and condos that are quaint for trendy single people and damned small for any family. Meanwhile, driving is discouraged, cars are made to back-in angle park, pay to park, and even bicycles are rented out at an absurd rate – $12 for an hour, and up to $75 per day!

Be sure to wear a helmet, obey every regulation and stay off the sidewalk so you can clog up traffic!

When going green gets insane… and has everything to do with charging you more money, while controlling your 21st Century lifestyle.

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Check out this map! They want to double the population in most urban areas by 2050 and depopulate the countryside, while engineering your behavior into an economy-sized, trendy metro lifestyle.


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