Billboard: They Are Selling the Police State… Are You Buying?

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F-16 Fighter Jets? Hell YEAH! ‘MURICA!!! Which Way to the Mall?!

(Cue the adrenaline surge via motivational music): …VVVRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOM Revvin’ up your engine; Listen to her howlin’ roar; Metal under tension; Beggin’ you to touch and go; Highway to the Danger Zone; Ride into the Danger Zooooooooone… (Driver flashes back to Top Gun; remembers Pentagon/CIA-funded Hollywood propaganda; feels patriotic… reaches for wallet)

According to an ad for a really expensive, awesome watch, your favorite commercial goods come at the hands of the militarized police state. Are you buying? You betcha… Thank a merchant of death and protector against evil doers near you… and don’t forget to shop!

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