Merry First Christmas from Truthstream Media!

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(Truthstream Media)

We are infinite possibilities in a time when the powers that be want you to believe there are none.

Each year seems to bring with it news and proofs of ever greater forms of control, yet also more and more people awakened to the need to to resist it. Carry with your holiday merriment and seasonal joy the knowledge that our potential as a free people and as empowered human beings can out think, out do and overgrow the government, or those who would use its structure to steer the population and eat out their substance, anytime we choose. The power of “They” is an illusion, and the power of truth is infinite.

This Christmas and New Year, may liberty flourish and good men and women everywhere be full of cheer knowing that love is greater than fear.

We love you guys!

Aaron and Melissa

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