The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory Propaganda



Don’t bother looking into how the world is really run, this magazine explains all that the average person needs to know about conspiracies… don’t mess with the Illuminati and go back to sleep!

Aimed at the casual grocery shopper, a quick answer to every conspiracy question you ever had all rolled up into one (or, alternately just make up your own explanation). That is, look away from the marketplace of conspiracy ideas, awakening and alternative thinking available on the Internet, and instead put your trust in the manufactured glossy media packaged and sold in stores.

Just never mind the real life conspiracies used to start wars, loot and pillage countries, take out leaders and fleece everyday people; the mainstream media wants you to digest conspiracy culture as a phenomenon of intrigue — not as a reality of assassinations, secret information, NSA spying, false flag terror events, monetary schemes, societal manipulation and shadow control.