Did Kim Kardashian Release an Illuminati Christmas Card?


(Truthstream Media.com)

Yeah, right! She could never qualify for the Illuminati. But the vapid celebrity culture is an important weapon of the Illuminati in its ongoing war on society.

Tabloid queen Kim Kardashian and her reality-TV family clan have been the latest celebrities to grab headlines over a purported connection to the Illuminati after releasing a bizarre Christmas card laden with symbolism referencing the plastic Hollywood culture and the darker themes that control it.

Only weeks ago, Kardashian ignorantly denied being a member of the “Illuminate” after being questioned about a photo montage composed over an all-seeing eye on a pyramid.

Now, after a deluge of symbolic assault by the likes of such entertainers as Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Ke$ha [see video], Madonna [see video about Superbowl performance] and Miley Cyrus [see video], it is clear that the media is deliberately stoking the flames of secret society connections to figures that help raise your children and mesmerize the population.

Obviously such vapid celebrities are not making decisions for the power structure; but conversely, those in power are deliberately saturating the culture in symbols that define their power over society.

Rapper Kanye West, married to Kim Kardashian, and himself accused of belonging to the Illuminati, made a valid point about who would be among the remnants of the 1776-founded Bavarian Illuminati [see video at headquarters] that historically sought a new world order:

“Illuminati? High Society? We in this party and nobody invited me… The Illuminati, those are like multi-billionaire people that are rich as hell and have more money than countries and (expletive) and I don’t know no rappers that’s doing it like that, you know? It’s just kind of crazy.”

Who runs the real power structure? Is it the entertainers who carry the message in the media, or those who pull the strings and fund the decadence that debases society?

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