Protected by TSA on Thanksgiving Week? A Storybook Fairy Tale



The idea of the TSA keeping you safe is a fairy tale scripted for children (and sheep).

All through the busy holiday travel season, there is one place where all eyes are on safety, rifling through your belongings, patting down passengers, checking and inspecting. Before Santa does his watching, there are the careful eyes of the TSA. Have you been naughty, or nice?

Never mind that these watchers have never, ever caught a terrorist and don’t know the first thing about keeping anyone safe… your children are learning to submit to their authority and being indoctrinated in their own self-importance. Further, they are learning the idea that the Transportation Security Administration checkpoint is just an everyday part of busy, colorful airport life.

If it is a myth, it’s one that is likely to stick unless we stand up for our rights.

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