Alternative Media Under Attack: Someone Trying to Set-up Truthstream Media | Truthstream Media

Alternative Media Under Attack: Someone Trying to Set-up Truthstream Media

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Criminal imposter sent false email to discredit, demonize, intimidate or set-up alternative media figures.

Following reports that someone was trying to set-up WeAreChange’s Luke Rudkowski and OathKeepers’ Stewart Rhodes and Dan Johnson, founder of People Against the N.D.A.A, as well as an eerie e-mail from a group calling themselves “Political Hackerz Squad” claiming that it was trying to set-up dozens of alternative media figures with child porn (and claiming credit for attacks on Rudkowski/Rhodes), Truthstream Media was alerted of an apparent attack to set-up either Melissa Melton and Aaron Dykes and/or the recipients.

A couple days ago, Truthstream received an e-mail informing us of the unsettling fact that an e-mail attachment had been sent to at least one prominent individual that supposedly had child porn attached.

According to the source who warned us after receiving this, a fraudulent e-mail address “” (which has no connection whatsoever with Truthstream Media), was used to correspond with and carry out this apparent attack.


Reportedly, the unknown provocateur lured in this media personality over the course of several rounds of correspondence, giving the impression that a radio interview was requested. After some back and forth about possible interview dates, an attachment was sent in PDF format purporting that it “contained information about [the] show’s format, possible topics and other information pertaining to a possible interview” but instead contained official looking promotional photos and logos from Truthstream and then included the illegal and disgusting images in question.

For the record, Truthstream Media does not EVER send attachments when requesting interviews, was in no way involved in this shameful act, and in fact, has only had a small handful of guests on their radio show, currently on TruthFrequency Radio and previously on Blog Talk Radio and Unbound Radio. In fact, Truthstream Media never attempted to contact this individual as a guest, though Aaron Dykes has previously interviewed this person while at

PLEASE NOTE that any e-mail attachments claiming to be from Truthstream Media are fraudulent and may be part of an attempt to discredit or set-up us or others in the alternative media. PLEASE DO NOT open any attachments as they are not communications from our website.

Here is the previous e-mail conveying an apparent threat or “confession” to set-up numerous individuals in the alternative media which Truthstream and several other groups and individuals received. The self-titled “Political Hackerz Squad” who sent this e-mail claimed to be “soldiers in a digital battlefield” who had been blackmailed and used to set-up people up ‘for the Obama Administration.’

Whatever the veracity of these claims, actual attempts have been made to damage, destroy or discredit Truthstream Media and others in the alternative media which are criminal and immoral in nature. Please be aware that someone may be trying to spread these message to others in the alternative media, and be aware of any suspicious attachments.:

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Aaron and Melissa Dykes

Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton Dykes created Truthstream as an outlet to examine the news, uncover the deceptions, pierce through the fabric of illusions, know the real enemy, unshackle from the system, and begin to imagine the path towards taking back our lives, one step at a time, so that one day we might truly be free...


  1. Should be a violation of the Communications Decency Act?

    • Cyberats

      You cannot fight tyranny using their rules, that they exempt themselves from.

  2. Cyberats

    If you know a lawyer pro-bono, fine, but if not, they will push the financial angle on you for the same purpose of shutting down alternative media that way.
    A good chat with Judge Andrew Napolitano might be a good idea.
    Truth Seekers must stick together, we will beat this.

  3. Cyberats

    If you just glance at that header, which could be faked, it says
    CH = China, most ISP servers for anyone sending e-mails from USA is still .com, .net, .org, .usa, .gov, .mil, .tv (did I miss one ?). So it is fishy from the get go including the caps.
    If you need your e-mail analyzed, send me header properties and I will be able to further trace it for you.

    • Cyberats

      I suppose a line saying ‘thanks we don’t need your help in this’ would be too courteous and considerate from an upstart media couple. Considering you do not have hundreds of bloggers and posters.
      Maybe you do not understand the internet and speech, it’s like a TWO WAY RADIO, people will talk back and an absence of reply will be considered rude.
      Unlike the brainwash mainstream media who want to talk at you whether you like it or not and shut you up when you disagree. I don’t think I put up anything disagreeable.

  4. FIND OUT who they are, where they are, let me know, and they will end up on a Milk Carton

  5. It is not wise to go to “law enforcement.” It seems the set up victim may have downloaded the PDF file to have even known of the contraband being in the file. That means that contraband is now in the hard drive cache and that person is in imminent danger of being the victim of an FBI or ICAC task force investigation etc (if his identity is found out). Going to “law enforcement” will enable “law enforcement” to identify that prominent personality who opened up the pdf file with the contraband and then they will go after him: they will do this by asking you for your hard drive probably or they will ask you for the name of the person who emailed you etc., in order to get the said person’s email. If you refuse to deliver that information- they will probably accuse you of ‘re-victimizing the children’ etc. That prominent personality who received the contraband must destroy his hard drive as soon as possible- there just isn’t playing games with matters like this.

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