Happy Halloween: Demon Baby Won’t Kiss You Unless You Get Your Vaccines!

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(Truthstream Media)

These scary billboards are all over town telling people no [whooping cough] vaccination, no kisses. Not sure anyone would even want to be kissed by that creepy baby anyway… Never mind the fact that when whooping cough broke out in Vermont last year, data showed 90% of the children effected had been vaccinated for pertussis and studies show this shot isn’t even very effective.

Really though, I just think it is mean to try to scare people into getting vaccines using demon baby threats; I mean, why would I want to willingly shoot myself up with potentially brain damaging heavy metals and genetically modified aborted fetal and cow cells just to get kissed by a baby that I would personally run the hell away from if I crossed paths with him in a dark alley at night?


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