Obama Saves Fainting Lady Like He Will Save Us All with Obamacare!


Like a plot straight out of a Hollywood movie adaptation of a recreation of a cheap Shakespeare knock-off play, Obama has found himself a damsel in distress to rescue from the clutches of unaffordable healthcare!

By now, there should be no denying that Obama is a clairvoyant superhero. He can give a masterful Obamacare speech while at the same time see what’s going on directly behind him and read the future to know just the exact moment to catch a fainting woman — a pregnant diabetic who just so happens to be a walking billboard for Obamacare — with impeccable, superhero timing.

[pullquote]I got you…no no, you’re okay.
~ Barack Obama to fainting pregnant lady (and a nation suffering without government-run healthcare, too.)[/pullquote]As he’s saving her from falling, our president is also reassuring us all that Obamacare (which hardly anyone can physically sign up for because somehow our government has the masterful ability to spend millions in taxpayer funds to create a broken website no one can even use) will save us all from the “crushing burden of unaffordable healthcare”.

(H/T Shane Bullis)

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