Shutdown: Gov’t Blocked Memorials But FDA Wouldn’t Send Out Dangerous Recall Info


During the dramatic political theater show we as a nation have collectively witnessed over the last two weeks otherwise known as the government shutdown (which is now largely referred to in the mainstream media as “the partial shutdown”), we saw a lot of petty, spiteful happenings at the hands of our supposed government leaders.

Vets were denied access to open air memorials — meaning that, while many government employees were told not to come to work during the shutdown — others were paid to stay on to barricade and man public spaces that normally aren’t even staffed anyway just to keep people out.

Well, all of a sudden on October 17th, a flood of FDA recall warnings all at once hit people’s email inboxes. Many of these were written or at least dated during the shutdown, but none of them were sent on the mass mailing list to people signed up to received them via email, the tried and true way to really get the warnings out to everyone on a mass scale.

The pages were updated in most cases on the day the release was dated or a little later — again, during the shutdown — the emails to actually warn people were just not sent out until the government reopened today.

So what was it that was so unimportant the FDA could afford to have a staff member write a press release (or at least date it with the proper date) during the government shutdown, but that same staff member couldn’t hit the ‘send’ button and warn the American people via their email list until days, and in some cases weeks, later?

How about Clostridium botulinum tainted fish, press release written September 30, 2013, just a day before the shutdown? The webpage was not present in the Internet archives until October 5th, six days after the release was written, but again, the email notice was not sent out until today. Clostridium botulinum, by the way, causes botulism, a potentially deadly illness. That could kill people.

How about bell peppers tainted with salmonella, also potentially deadly to small children, the elderly and immune compromised people, press release dated October 5th but the email not sent until October 17th? Or metal shavings found in ice cream being sold in three states, press release October 4th, no email until today? Or turmeric powder tainted with up to 53 parts per million of brain and organ-damaging toxic lead? One “Good Taste” brand plum product from China even had potentially dangerous levels of sulfites and an illegal version of E124 (Acid Red 18) red dye in it. The list goes on and on.

There was even a recall sent out for peanuts contained in a December 2012 gift box from last Christmas with undeclared allergens such as wheat — wonderful news for Celiacs for whom the product could be deadly. Does “better late than never” even really count here when it’s highly likely every person who received that gift box already ate the contents almost a full year ago?

Here’s a screencap showing the recalls were all sent out today, one right after the other en masse:

Below shows the date last modified in the page source info, which was similar for all of these recall warning pages. Every single one is dated for October 17th, 2013.


The FDA was, however, able to go ahead and approve another Big Pharma drug during the shutdown. Priorities much?

In short, the government went above and beyond — no, out of its way entirely during the partial shutdown to throw political temper tantrums akin to giving Americans the middle finger, such as sending someone out to place orange cones in the middle of the highway so drivers passing by Mount Rushmore couldn’t pull off to the side and glimpse part of the monument from the road…

Or to keep veterans out of outdoor war memorials…

Or to kick people out of their rented homes on Lake Mead, some of whom have lived there for decades…

But, while those were apparently high priority tasks for this government, the same administration simply couldn’t be bothered to send out that email to let you know that you and your family might be ingesting deadly salmonella, lead, botulism or metal shavings in your food.

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