NY Cop Caught on Camera Stealing Pro-2nd Amendment Sign

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Christopher Cook
Western Free Press

John Gibson, resident of the Somers, NY, community of Lake Lincolndale, had finally had enough. After his third pro-Second Amendment lawn sign mysteriously disappeared, he set up a hunting camera to catch the culprit. Much to his surprise, the culprit turned out to be a Somers police officer.

Mary Beth Murphy, an official from the Town of Somers, contends that the police officer was acting because Gibson’s sign was in the right-of-way, rather than on his property. However, numerous facts cast doubt on this contention, including photographic evidence of the officer’s expression and his violent attack upon the sign, and the apparent lack of any notice or citation.

If Murphy’s claim—that the sign was improperly in the right-of-way—were true, then how does she explain these items?

1. The officer appeared to act with malice and glee

Murphy claimed the officer kicked the sign to loosen it. However, according to the photographic evidence Murphy provided to FOX News, the officer snapped the sign in half with his kick. That is more indicative of a malicious intent to destroy the sign than a good-faith effort to loosen it.

Moreover, other photographic evidence reinforced the notion that the officer was acting out of malice: “He had a huge smile on his face as he’s kicking down the sign,” Gibson told FOX.

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Gibson told Fox News: “This isn’t about the Second Amendment. My First Amendment and even my Fifth Amendment rights have been violated,” he said, explaining that words and image on the sign are protected by his right to free speech and the sign itself was taken from him without due process.”

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