TSM09: 9/11 Youth Indoctrination & Digital Tracking Slavery

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In their Monday, September 16 broadcast, Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton give an update on the public school indoctrination of the youth, which recently hit home when Melissa’s daughter was asked to write about her last day alive in the Twin Towers. While most students in grade school are too young the pivotal political event, emphasis on this traumatic event makes them as pliable as the rest of the public when it is used for manipulation.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 5, which will use a fingerprint scan for access and cashless payments, is the latest critical event in persuading the public to join the biometric-based ID system the establishment is using to replace current security measures, and destroy privacy forever. Lost in the balance is the 4th Amendment, which once guarded freedoms but is now a casualty to the world of “safety” and “security.”

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