Students Asked to Relive 9/11 Trauma: Joyce Riley Power Hour Call-In

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Melissa speaks with Power Hour host Joyce Riley in a call-in segment about her daughter’s upsetting 9/11 assignment.

Following news reports that some students were made to write so-called ‘suicide letters’ as if they were about to die in the Twin Towers, Truthstream Media reporters Melissa Melton learned that her daughter was asked to write a very similar essay about ‘what she would miss if this were it’ and died on 9/11.

Joyce Riley reacts to Melissa’s call-in, adding that the system wanted children who were too young to experience the collective trauma of 9/11 at the time to now relive that horror in their own minds. Riley also raised the question of how many schools across country were indoctrinating students with similar prompts, alluding to the fact that the system doesn’t seem as interested in harping on the memories of the children killed in the 1993 Waco siege or other events that aren’t as handy for government propaganda.

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