What Is the End-Game in the Middle East?

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Jon Rappoport
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The end game for the Middle East?

Why, of course. It’s Free Trade.

Let’s jump ahead four decades to see what that looks like.

Reuters/USIA—July 6, 2053. The birth of the first genetically-engineered baby in Cairo has sparked riots in the capital. As of late last night, UN-NATO peacekeepers had the protests under control.

Answar Campbell, the Harvard/Cambridge-educated PhD who just ascended to the three-man oligarchy that runs Egypt, declared false the rumors that an “Islam gene” had been removed from the child.

“There is no Islam gene,” Campbell said. “People should focus on the economy, which is our biggest challenge. For example, the impending vote on whether to allow Burger King franchises in our country to compete against our erstwhile partner, McDonald’s, is far more important than this diversion.”

McDonald’s, in conjunction with Halliburton-Bechtel, has converted four million acres of inhospitable desert into resorts, industrial parks, and parking lots.

Along with the Monsanto-Dow project to grow GMO wheat varieties on land that receives less than three inches of rain per year, these recent free trade partnerships have elevated Egypt’s GNP to levels never seen before in the nation’s long history.

Pharaoh Land, the province surrounding the famed ancient pyramids and the Sphinx, has just obtained an injection of $2.5 billion from Disney to complete a feeder river-tour branching from the Nile.

Bayer-Farben Labs, an ambitious sprawl of 400 buildings south of Cairo, is introducing a new enterprise called Gene Drift, in which more than 50 insect genes are blown by desert winds into every irrigated crop in Egypt.

“It’s the faster way to go,” stated Vilsak Michael Taylor, the US Ambassador to Egypt-Jordan-Syria. “In this fashion, we can strengthen all food crops at once, lowering the need for water, soil nutrients, and other old-fashioned necessities of agriculture that have been plaguing farmers for centuries.”

The three-man Egyptian oligarchy has just released figures showing 38% of all desert lands have been reclaimed for business and industry. United Pavers, an offshoot of the Carlyle Group, has already laid down 45 billion cubic feet of concrete and asphalt on the desert floor.

“That’s how you start,” stated George Bush III, a Carlyle representative. “Pave, pave, pave, bury the sand, and then build upward and outward.”

The 32-mile-square Google Mall is an example of this strategy. Situated in the former Morsi-Brotherhood empty quarter, the Mall is producing massive income for its inhabitants on a 24/7/365 basis.

US, French, and British troops provide Mall security.

“This is all coming from Arab Spring,” Campbell stated. “That’s where the revolution began. We can now understand its true purpose. It really had nothing to do with politics. It was an economic operation. A few thousands disaffected students sitting in cafes with mobile devices posting on Facebook? Please. Arab Spring was a carefully calculated, carefully prepared moment. Free Traders were behind it. Economic development was the objective. And look how it’s turned out. Only a few miles from the Capitol Building, next to the site of the largest mosque in the country, which is now a museum, the Glaxo-Merck-Pfizer Tower rises today. From its top-floor platform, aerosol vaccines and mood enhancers are pumped into the atmosphere, at once guaranteeing immunity from childhood diseases and relief from the stresses of daily life. It’s a true miracle.”

Campbell could also have pointed to the Nissan-Toyota-Ford plant in the shadow of the Pharma tower. Two thousand cars per day roll out of that factory, along with nine thousand pairs of Nissan-Nike shoes produced by Egyptian robots working along side human operators.

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