TSM LIVE 03: Special Guest Bionic Dan Bidondi Talks EVERYTHING!

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In this third installment of Truthstream Media LIVE, our former coworker and the great patriot activist ‘Bionic Dan’ Bidondi joined us on the show today and we talked about EVERYTHING from the potential bombing of Syria, to the way satanic occult forces are inundating the culture, to government mind control, to the New World Order and false flags, then back to Syria…we actually went into overdrive we had so much to talk about!

If you live in the New England area, be sure to check out Dan’s upcoming 9/11 & FALSE FLAG AWARENESS RALLY meeting on the Providence City Hall steps (right in front of Kennedy Plaza) in downtown Providence, RI at 1pm September 11, 2013. Dan says, “Bring signs, banners, posters, etc. or just come with your voice and support!”

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