Real Sustainable Living: Developing a Homestead to Go Sovereign



Let us hear no more about “sustainability” from power-centralized, globalist oriented voices.

The promises of Agenda 21 are all illusory. Their plans to pack the masses into dense city centers, trimmed with the coloration and terminology of “sustainable,” “smart growth,” “green energy” – and even “organic” (a termed coined and control by the USDA) – are anything but sustainable. In fact, these emerging ‘smart grid’ megaregions are major ingredients in recipes for control and even disaster.

Instead, real sustainability is being pursued by homesteaders, off gridders, preppers, voluntaryists and the like.

Watch this inspiring promo:

Raising one’s own food, creating one’s own energy and reconnecting with real nature is one of the only remaining ways to know what you are really consuming and increasingly one of the only paths to freedom. The global food market is highly deceptive in its labeling and production practices. Exposés of its processes and productions can be stomach turning and eye opening – the majority of our food is created with genetically modified ingredients, heavy pesticide use, and concentration camp-like conditions (for the animals involved). None of this bodes well for the individuals consuming these food-products down the line.

Step One
involves recognizing the issue – and the depth to which is affects our lives. Step Two involves disengaging from that system – boycotts, buycotts and careful, informed selections when choosing foods. Step Three is harder: finding an alternative way to meet your needs outside that system.

Imagining how to live differently – to reference the words of John Lennon – is not so hard if you try. It involves a variety of techniques, but many harken back to the older days lived by our grandparents and ancestors. But the advent of technology provides a new potential to create alternative energy and simple-but-efficient methods devised to cut down the labor intensive approach and open the field to true self-sufficient homestead living.

Putting all this into practice is more difficult, to be sure. One family that has begun to do so is the “Blush” family – comprised of activists John Bush, founding member of Texans for Accountable Government, and Catherine Bleish, a libertarian-minded activist notably profiled by the SPLC for her involvement in many groups. Both have worked on numerous causes including exposing Fusion Centers – where Homeland Security officials integrate regional and local law enforcement to profile and surveil targets, which demonstrably include political activists.

Now the “Blushes” are trying to lead by example, with a 2.4 acre homestead that includes (or has plans to expand to) vegetable gardens, chickens and other livestock, rain water collection, water storage, alternative energy production, greenhouses with aquaponics, composting and other systems that make alternative sovereign systems viable – if only the government can stay out of the way long enough to let it thrive.

They are work towards reaching thresholds of self-sufficiency – including 50% food sufficiency and 25% alternative energy production, with other foods traded with the local community and total energy production as the ultimate goal.

“Here, we’re trying to lead by example in a manner that is consistent with the ideal society that we envision,” John Bush stated in the promo for a 12-part reality show that serves to demonstrate the concept and track the process. Their project, “Sovereign Living” is seeking further support. They describe it as “a reality based television program that follows the Blush Family in their quest to become self-sufficient and lead a more voluntary and natural life.” Visit their website here:

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