Tell Congress ‘NO’ on Syria: We Can’t Afford Another War



Obama has already bankrupted the nation’s economy, while the troops are stretched thin across hundreds of bases in 63 countries and two theaters of war.

With Obama’s decision to seek Congressional approval for strikes on Syria, there is an opportunity to force our supposed representatives to vote ‘NO’ and stop what could become a world war based on yet another phony premise.

Call OUR Congress at 202-224-2121 and tell them NO WAR ON SYRIA!!!

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As protestors in cities across the country pointed out today, We the People cannot afford another war based on lies that costs the lives of American soldiers and puts the nation’s economy into further debt. With our active duty troops already spread thin in two theaters in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as hundreds of bases around the world, the United States cannot sustain any more hot action – in addition to the fact that this strike is immoral and costly in terms of diplomacy. Obama has already bankrupted this country; don’t let him kill it off with unending ‘humanitarian’ and ‘peaceful’ wars.

Footage and interviews conducted during rally against Syrian war in Austin, Texas, August 31, 2013.

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