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Denver Airport: Portal to the New World Underground

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Cryptic symbols at the Denver International Airport have fueled conspiratorial probes about what is really going on there.

“Welcome to DIA… We have red eyed evil horse statues, murals of people being slaughtered, and secret underground CoG bases… Enjoy your flight.” ~Scott Lopez

As a traveler arriving in Denver, the Denver International Airport (DIA) can be a strange landing place. Planes touch down some 26 miles from downtown with the Rocky Mountains out in the distance, and closer, a vision of the odd mountain-like roof canopied over the largest airport in North America. On the perimeter of the runways is a vast prairie space destined for development.

Denver International Airport
Denver International Airport

New World Airport

Inside the $4.8 billion airport is a modern concourse connected by expansive underground trains. Past security is the baggage area — once meant to be an iconic automatic system that ultimately failed — where passengers cross paths with a creepy statue of a gargoyle in a suitcase and walk past a series of murals that range in intensity from unnerving to apocalyptically creepy.

Leo Tanguma mural on display at DIA. Photo: Aaron Dykes.
Leo Tanguma mural on display at DIA. Photo: Aaron Dykes.

With contrasting happy titles like “In Peace and Harmony With Nature” and “The Children of the World Dream of Peace,” the paintings instead conjure up dark images in an airport already saturated in obscure symbolism. Many researchers, as well as casual passengers, have raised questions about what they represent, pointing towards scenes of despotism, genocide, dead children, destruction, and ultimate global unification amid what many believe are cryptic messages. Does it relate to the nearby tile showing a mining cart with Au and Ag – ostensibly abbreviations for gold and silver – that some have asserted is connected to “one of the founders” of the airport, and the discoverer of a reputed bioweapon known by the same initials.

Artist Leo Tanguma has denied that his murals convey a conspiratorial one world message, explaining to in a 2007 article titled “DIA Conspiracies Take Off” that:

“The first part of the environmental mural is about the ways that humans destroy nature and themselves through destruction and genocide. The second part is about humanity coming together to rehabilitate nature and revive their own compassion.”

The art outside the airport is just as creepy as the art inside the airport.

Source: Prairieflounder

This 32′, 9,000 lb., $300,000 blue horse sculpture welcomes everyone to the DIA (although, perhaps “welcome” is the wrong word choice). Though officially named “Blue Mustang,” nicknames for the statue include “Blucifer,” “DIAblo” and “satan’s steed” among others. Aside from the blazing red eyes that glow in the dark, the bulging black veins and the completely sinister look, the horse itself  has a tragic history.

The artist who sculpted it, Luis Jiménez, died in 2006 after a piece of the horse sculpture fell on him and severed an artery in his leg while he was working on it in his studio. It is reported that Jiménez’ friends say the horse is cursed. Either way, many have also likened the horse to the Bible’s pale horse Death from the book of Revelations. Although public art in Denver typically only stays up for a five-year period, Blucifer is apparently going to stay despite critics (and creeped out passengers).

The horse isn’t the only dark fixture on the landscape; back in 2010 the airport displayed a 26-foot tall Anubis statue. Anubis is the ancient Egyptian God of the Dead and a common reference in modern occult symbolism. This statue was, thankfully to most, only a temporary installation.

Another point of sinister reference is the airport’s Masonic capstone. According to the inscription, its construction was chartered by the “New World Airport Commission” and dedicated in 1994. When many people first searched for this supposed commission, they came back empty handed. Greg Ericson at Free Press International wrote to DIA officials in 2003 asking about this capstone (among other things) and received this reply from Steve Snyder of DIA’s Public Affairs Office:

“The New World Airport Commission was simply a group consisting of local business and political leaders who sponsored and organized a number of pre-opening events at Denver International Airport. The airport was to usher in a new era making Denver a world-class city, thus the New World name. The group has absolutely no association with the new world order.”

Odd response because Mr. Snyder’s definition of the new era sounds curiosity a lot like the new world order he claims the people behind the capstone are not affiliated with.

What is apparent at DIA is that something unusual is going on – beyond just its surface layer of occultic and mysterious art. Rumors persist about the existence of underground facilities and tunnels beneath the surface of the airport and beyond the view of the public.

Underground Tunnels to Underground Bases?

Investigative reporter Shepard Ambellas, founder of, confirmed these subterranean structures through a whistleblower working construction on the grounds. Evidence indicates the presence of a “massive deep underground military facility.” According to his source:

• There is a militarized intermediary entrance located in the “United Airlines” section of the underground. The actual door number was reveled by my source with great hesitation. The actual door code is “BE64B” unknown until now to the general public.

• A swift door will also allow access to the intermediary entrance of the facility if you have the proper “speed-pass” clearance on a Department of Defense (DOD) level. This door was also a secret to the general public until now. The actual door number is “T-47 M” located on the level 4 exterior. Update: Airport Staff, “I just went in to T47-M… nothing goes down, no steps, no elevator”.

• A nearly 3 mile long tunnel heads out from the intermediary entrance “BE64B”, to a full-blown Department of Defense (DOD) sanctioned militarized entrance nestled in a set of 5 buildings 120′ beneath the surface located Northeast of the Jeppesen Terminal.

Clearly, a lot of dirt is moving around, as the airport is under ongoing expansion.

The 53-square mile grounds in Denver are part of an ambitious, visionary and costly project to create an airport city. Already the second largest airport in the world and the largest in the nation, the mile high location is building up to becoming an “Aerotropolis” – a trending futuristic configuration where business, finance, labor, logistics, and shipping will center around the aero-port[al] that will define the coming era of hyper-globalization:

In simplistic terms, an aerotropolis includes all the elements of an airport city, but in a more comprehensively planned framework. This framework includes a set of concentric rings of specific activities around the airport, starting with an inner zone of distribution centers, logistics complexes, and just-in-time manufacturers, then a ring of office parks, hotels, restaurants, and convention centers, and then still farther out a largely residential periphery home to those who make their livelihood in the aerotropolis. Cutting across all these rings are aerolanes, high capacity highways and rail lines providing access from ring to ring and to the rest of the metropolitan area within which an aerotropolis is set.

Workers will live in the aero-city, while business contacts and travelers will visit, all with lodging, dining, entertainment and other facilities that will create an integrated secure economic zone surrounding the massive airport. While TSA has created the Trusted Traveler program to allow passengers to opt-in to a pre-check program that registers detailed background information, Denver is one of five airports in the nation starting the SMART program which uses biometrics – iris and fingerprint scans – to fast track passengers through ID and security checkpoints.

At a recent meeting in Memphis, Tennessee, another emerging aerotropolis, a spokesperson from H.U.D., the Department of Housing and Urban Development, revealed the involvement of Rockefeller Foundation funds in creating these new entities, which will likely have trade and economic status under free trade agreements that differ from business conducted in the rest of the country. HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan remarked at the Mid-South Aerotropolis Conference in April 2012:

Funded not by government but philanthropy, with initial seed money from the Rockefeller Foundation, these fellows will “deepen the bench” here in Memphis to make sure that when the federal teams depart there is capacity and strength within the local government not just to carry on, but to lead. [emphasis added]

Denver International Airport, thus, is leading a new phase of global integration, where credentialed personnel – controlled by a ‘papers please’ security state that matches the paranoia that has grown up around airports – will occupy the new heights of the economy, linked to other key global aerotropolis cities that distribute goods on a global basis, and connect important players in this brave new world.

Is this what the “New World Airport Commission” was really working towards in creating what has become a wholly controversial transport hub? It is worth stressing that these airport cities are designed to displace the downtown economies of most major cities, and further concentrate production, distribution and finance into efficient and predictable infrastructure. The Aerotropolis system, even more than general society, will develop under tightly-controlled rules of the game, with “green” branded mixed-use developments, tiny rental living and work spaces, on-site energy grids and concentrated amenities designed to meet all needs.

This takes on even greater significance when put in context of the United States’ Continuity of Government infrastructure.

US NORTHCOM (Northern Command) is headquartered approximately 90 miles South of Denver in Colorado Springs, CO. at Peterson Air Force Base, and overseas the military operations for North America. Further, NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, is headquartered jointly at the same location.

The nearby Cheyenne Mountain nuclear bunker was established from 1961-1966 and serves as a hardened redoubt and CoG headquarters for political and military command in the event of all-out thermonuclear war, sufficiently catastrophic events, terrorism or other scenarios where the protection of government is in question.

Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center (CMOC)

The massive underground facility, entered at the base of Cheyenne Mountain, is known to hold a significant underground city complete with amenities for thousands of individuals. A network of tunnels – created with gigantic tunnel-boring machines (pictured below) that weigh several hundred tons – is connected to this Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB), but how far-reaching and connected they are is a point of contention and mystery.

However, tunnel-boring machines are used regularly in official, non-secretive capacity, as in a current project to a create a tunnel in Seattle, WA, and have existed for several decades, so the reported existence of such military tunnels is completely plausible.

Reportedly, the tunnels in and around Colorado Springs connect with numerous other military bases – some 120 around the nation – by underground mag-lev trains capable of traveling at super-fast speeds, including secret or semi-secret testing and research facilities in surrounding areas including New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.

Tunnel Boring Machine
Tunnel Boring Machine at Yucca Mountain

Thus, the persistent reports of underground facilities, including train tunnels, at DIA can be causally linked with Colorado Springs, with evidence of related infrastructure and likely connections. However, these will not be readily disclosed or available to the public; instead they are classified and admitted only tacitly.

Colorado Springs and Denver are the base of the “front range,” a de facto headquarters not only for the Continuity of Government, but for the entire western portion of the United States. Deep inside the CONUS (Continental United States), Denver and Colorado Springs are insulated and strategically located.

Aerotropoli Megaregions

The website – which reveals development plans to create megaregions that would double the populations of most metropolitan areas – overlays with the plans to create airport cities and “Aerotropolis” locations. There, too, Denver and Colorado Springs (and to a lesser extent Albuquerque) comprise the “Front Range” megaregion.


Moreover, the “Front Range” is also a veritable center point for the planned high-speed rail routes listed at, making it an indispensable connectivity hub for all continental commerce and travel.

In future aviation, Denver will play a significant role in a global affairs, as its strategic location boasts equidistant flights to three continents who will also host Aerotropolis cities the experts claim will play crucial and central roles in world affairs.

While airport city hubs like Detroit and Memphis have been designated to distribute packages, cargo and manufacturing goods to worldwide destinations, Denver – in Front Range spirit – hosts a strategic location that allows the projection of one of the United States’ most important global assets: its military.

This streamlined version of globalism will make the ties between private and public sectors – such as business and military – even more significant and controversial, particularly as global partners in economic production also double as allies, and as aerocities become new powerful city states of corporate power in a world with diminishing distinction between national borders and increasingly hyper-connected economic spheres.

The dark artwork and occult messages inside the Denver International Airport in the end only suggest, and perhaps compliment, a world that has grown to operate outside of public knowledge, often under the cloak of national security, and all too frequently for the benefit of a few profiteers instead of entire peoples.

To be continued…

Aaron and Melissa Dykes

Aaron and Melissa created as an outlet to examine reality and the news, place it in a broader context, uncover the deceptions, pierce through the fabric of illusions, grasp the underlying factors, know the real enemy, unshackle from the system, and begin to imagine the path towards taking back our lives, one step at a time, so that one day we might truly be free...


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      The fact you don’t understand the reason for such enterprise doesn’t automatically eliminate the possibility of it’s existence…

  13. There are more connections to this.

    I remember watching an episode on the Discovery Channel and the show was called Extreme Engineering. That episode has been removed, go figure?

    Hmm, I wonder where that money went?

  14. George Bliss

    To me it looks like the runways are laid out like a swastika… great article! Please keep them coming :)

  15. Saw this article here yesterday posted at Veterans Today by Stew Webb which has a link in it to an interview done with a previous construction worker who actually worked on the Denver project. I found the video revealing. I wonder if the offset construction that was referred to was actually a tunnel linkup. I find this facility creepy to say the least and thank you for your hard work in revealing these things. We may have several different things going on here, one may be what will occur if an economic collapse occurs, and others if other things occur, and all entwined making it much harder to determine the truth of the matter.

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