Whistleblower Bradley Manning Sentenced To 35 Years

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Editor’s Note: The basic question remains: if we will punish whistleblowers for leaking government documents with more prison time than rapists and, in some cases, even murderers, who will hold government accountable for operating on the basis of lies, fraud and opaque tyranny.

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U.S. Government sends a strong message to whistleblowers and journalists alike as Bradley Manning was sentenced 35-years.

Shepard Ambellas
August 21, 2013

FORT MEADE, MD — Bradley Manning was sentenced today to 35-years in prison by a military judge for leaking some 700,000 plus documents that reportedly threatened National Security.

“The sentence was designed to send a message”, said Manning’s lawyer David Coombs, during a press interview following the judgement. This is an all new era we’re facing, the “Orwellian” society in which we all now live.

The NYTimes.com reported, “Before the sentencing, Private Manning sat leaning forward with his hands folded, occasionally whispering to his lawyer, David Coombs. His sister and his aunt sat quietly behind him. When Colonel Lind read the sentence, Private Manning stood, showing no expression. He did not make a statement.”

All-and-all, Manning’s lawyer Coombs, said his client handled the judgement well. Manning was said to have comforted the lawyer (in tears) and others after the trial saying, “it’s okay”. Typically, that would be the job of the lawyer, calming the client, Manning’s lawyer Coombs pointed out.

Manning will be eligible for parole from the military prison system in 7-10 years. Once eligible, Manning will be able to reapply for parole yearly.

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