Bill Still: The Biggest Tipping Point For Freedom in Human History

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Editor’s Note: Does Bill Still have the right outlook to currency reform? What could stop the momentum of economic collapse?

August 21, 2013

Filmmaker Bill Still, the man behind the classic monetary documentaries The Money Masters, The Secret of Oz, and Jekyll Island – The Movie, joins us to discuss his new project Fixing Greece.

Bill has never been more passionate, and it really comes through in this nearly one hour interview. “We are absolutely at the biggest tipping point for freedom in human history,” says Bill. “This is the big battle right here, over this country. This was the great experiment in human freedom. This took freedom to the next step. So naturally you’re going to have the nastiest guys on the planet in here trying to kill it off.

Bill needs your help with raising some money to get Fixing Greece produced, so if you can stop by and contribute a few bucks towards Bill’s efforts to save Greece and expose the Banksters evil plans, Bill would certainly appreciate your support.

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