Humanity Caged by Psycho-Corporate Dominance: TSM On TruthFrequency Radio

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On a scale of infinite human consciousness, consumers remain at the base level of fear-based thinking.

Truthstream Media appeared on TruthFrequency radio, on the Sunday, August 18th edition, syndicated via

Hosts Chris and Sheree Geo invite Truthstream Media’s Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton, where they discuss the dynamics of love vs. fear, Maslow’s Heirarchy, and the consumerist culture that has dominated spirit of the citizen, and limited humanity through manipulative stimuli. This is evident in the history of psychology, the rise of propaganda through players like Edward Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud) and examples of outright mind control.

As Vigilant Citizen wrote in a review of the film Videodrome, people’s mental buttons are pushed by modern media/culture, keeping them essentially trapped in a lower state of thinking:

“While not as in-your-face and extreme as the movie’s Videodrome, today’s mass media still tap into these two primal urges humans that are difficult for human to ignore: blood-lust and reproduction. These two instincts were encoded in our DNA for the survival of individuals and the propagation of the species, but they are now “soft spots” that can easily be triggered with specific stimuli, causing an immediate and powerful reactions. As people get desensitized to sexual and violent imagery, mass media constantly pushes the envelope to bring new, distorted and twisted ways to capture their viewer’s attention.”

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