Did a Whistleblower Stop a Terror Attack in Austin?


A memo warning law enforcement of a possible terror attack at specific locales was officially sent out – but without authorization.

KXAN reported that the threat advisory warning law enforcement of a possible terror attack in Austin was ‘sent out by mistake,’ claiming that someone released an official memo that they shouldn’t have, and that has caused fresh worries.”

Yeah, “worries” that only lend credibility to the suspicion that an inside-system terrorist attack may have been planned for Austin, Texas, but has now been bought to the public’s attention – possibly by a whistleblower who leaked the Homeland Security warning without authorization.

While the threat advisory was reportedly sent to law enforcement without official permission, it was, nevertheless, verified as authentic and based upon an actual Homeland Security warning.

Was this individual acting out of conscience as a whistleblower to alert law enforcement officials, the media and the public to the fact that a “real” terror alert had been issued by Homeland Security for several specific locations ON THE SAME DATES that Homeland Security began conducting a multi-level joint-force terrorism drill in Austin?

The unauthorized memo was issued by the J3 Protection Branch of the Texas Military Services. We attempted to speak with both of the points of contact listed at the bottom of the threat advisory. The first, LTC Rob Eason, AT Officer, left a voicemail greeting stating that he was out ‘in the field’, while the second contact, CW2 Steven Johnston, Threat Analyst, supposedly does not work for Texas Military Services at all, according to an unidentified spokesperson there. The number to contact this individual, listed in the release, is furthermore supposedly an “unmanned phone” not tied to any specific individual at the military installation.

UPDATE: Austin Terror Threat Confirmed, Why Wasn’t the Public Warned?

While the public has not been warned of an impending terror threat, the Texas Department of Public Safety did issue a press release on August 7 with information about drills it would be conducting in Austin during that same time period: Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies to Conduct Homeland Security Exercise in Austin.”

“The public should not be alarmed if they observe unordinary law enforcement or first responder activity over the next few weeks in the Austin area,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw, who also serves as the Texas Homeland Security Director.

• Nearly every alleged terrorist plot since 9/11 on American soil has been ADMITTEDLY provoked by the FBI – that is set-up cases where informants prodded suspected extremists into accepting cash, weapons and/or explosives only to be “caught” and stopped after being goaded into attack.

RT: FBI organizes almost all terror plots in the US

FBI Aids Terrorist Death Ray Plot to Foil Terrorist Death Ray Plot

We must wake up, grow up and face the fact that honest law enforcement and counter-terrorism officials have been repeatedly infiltrated from INSIDE THE GOVERNMENT. The terrorism is being staged by the government. Period.

• Numerous security drills were taking place on 9/11, which reportedly confused or slowed the real response to real terrorism and gave any malicious actors inside the government cover and plausible deniability.

• During the 7/7 bombings in London, anti-terror drills nearly identical to the real attack took place in the underground at the same time, led by Peter Power of Visor Consultants.

• Similarly, a Homeland Security-led Urban Shield exercise was taking place DURING the Boston Marathon bombing AT THE FINISH LINE! Emergency response officials from the Boston Mayor’s office were photographed arriving on scene less than 1 minute after the first bombing – they were there!

Truthstream Media Analyzes Evidence of Drill at Boston Marathon Bombing
VIDEO – Boston Terror: Precursor to an Attack on Our Rights

Austin may have had a close call – we’ll never know exactly how close – and we can ponder whether a patriotic individual brought this to light to expose and halt it. With cautious relief, we can go on, like someone who changed their plans at the last minute before driving down a road where some horrible pile-up crash happened just a short time later they may have been killed in, but instead avoided.

According to the Homeland Security threat advisory, a back-up date of August 29 was set in the event that August 8-9 was ‘not a viable option’ for an attack.

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