The Dark, Secret PSYWAR Against the Global Population

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Beyond the sensational revelations about NSA spying programs is the dark side of population control through military psychological operations.

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Truthstream Media goes into and beyond the secret war against journalists and whistleblowers, and its many ties to the NSA revelations and the foundations of a PSY-war that has been declared upon the people of the United States and the world.

The “cyber-war” and “information war” now being pursued by NSA’s CYBERCOM unit admittedly originates in Vietnam-era Pentagon Psy-ops and the leader of a prominent satanic cult.

Late in the program, guest Julio Rausseo discusses the “genetically modified society” he has been profiling in his documentary and ongoing investigation. It overlaps with the attempt to control the food supply and eventually genetically engineer humans. One avenue is DARPA’s project to create a synthetic 47th chromosome

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