New Grocer Offers ‘Harvest Your Own’ Aquaponic/Hydroponic Produce

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Editor’s Note: The dangers of GMOs and modern agriculture are widespread and frequently critiqued here. On the other side of raising issues over the dangers and shortcomings of centralized megacorporate farming is figuring out what to do instead.

While starting your own victory garden is a great idea, more solutions are necessary. Organic produce and other non-GMO foods are now widely available in many grocery stores, but consumers often faced with high prices and confusion over labeling and farming practices.

This article, reposted to Activist Post, shows how Aquaponics is one promising area. Its ‘fresh’ thinking offers ways to do more with less – less water and area/space is used in the process than with any form of conventional gardening, while its innovative system of raising fish alongside vegetables brings the benefits of synergy and multiple sources of food into play – all with more productivity. Consider this video which describes how 1 million pounds of food was raised on just 3 acres. Now at least one grocer plans to bring this process to consumers in a transparent and accountable way of accessing food in what could be both a rural or urban setting.

Utopian ‘Harvest Your Own’ Groceries Coming Up

Heather Callaghan
Modern Farmer
August 3, 2013

Places like Wal-mart brag that they eliminate the middle man; but they haven’t seen the likes of The Farmery.

What if your food was grown at your store – and it’s not even picked yet until you come by to cut the plants. You’re not a shopper, you’re a harvester. Better yet, what if Farmeries come to urban neighborhoods – both high and low end?

Meet the Willy Wonka of agriculture…

Farmery Vimeo from Gary Breece on Vimeo.

Founder Ben Greene (for real?) wanted to “tighten the gap” more than any retailer and farmer with an all-in-one ‘stop, shop and grow.’ A greenhouse shop made from shipping containers where shoppers can talk to the people who grew and learn like they never have before. Be assured of the absolute highest quality and fresh factor available. The plants are grown with 50/50 aquaponics/hydroponics technology.

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