Is GMO Corn Making Us Sick?

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Editor’s Note: How many more cases like this are we going to start to see if more medical professionals are honest with people like the man in this story was with Mrs. Shetterly?

What are the odds that SO MANY of the rises in cancer, the growth of people with immune-deficiency disorders and horrible health effects from food allergies etc. are all connected?

While we’re consistently being reassured these products are GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by the same alphabet agencies who share a revolving door with the big companies who stand to profit, more and more people are getting really really sick out there.

And we still don’t get GMO labeling of our food in America. If these products are so wonderful for humanity, why can’t the companies who make them label them? Is it because they know it’ll hurt their bottom line, or is it just because GMO is so pervasive at this point that they don’t want us to know the real truth that virtually everything we’re eating has somehow been genetically modified…?

Is GMO CORN making you sick? How one woman was told that the popular ingredient was the cause of her insomnia, headaches and chronic nausea
Daily Mail
July 29, 2012

  • Corn is in everything from take-away coffee cups to Vitamin E supplements
  • Experts say that natural cross-pollination from genetically modified crops to organic crops means there is no such thing as GMO-free corn anymore

In an essay for, Caitlin Shetterly, 37, explains how after nearly four years of frustrating doctor visits and no explanation in sight, the mother-of-one was diagnosed as having developed a reaction to genetically modified cornby allergist Paris Mansmann.

But the MD’s directive to strip all corn from her diet was harder than the Portand, Maine resident and  author of Made for You and Me: Going West, Going Broke, Finding Home, could have ever imagined.

Mr Mansmann’s advice was to eliminate all corn, even organic corn, because ‘it’s almost impossible to find a corn source in the U.S. that doesn’t have the [genetically modified protein] in it,’ he said.

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