NSA Head Gen. Keith Alexander Heckled by Hackers


(Truthstream Media.com)

In the background, a secret war is underway, apparently purging a circle of hackers, whistleblowers and investigative reporters connected to investigating NSA surveillance programs.

On the heels of ‘an easy hearing’ in Congressional testimony to explain away NSA surveillance activities in the wake of Edward Snowden’s PRISM leaks, Gen. Keith Alexander, head of both the NSA and US CYBERCOM, attended the Black Hat hacker conference where he was heckled by privacy advocates in the crowd who stated their distrust for the secretive spy chief.

At the same time, infamous hacker Barnaby Jack, turned up dead just days before he was scheduled to speak at the Black Hat confab alongside Gen. Alexander. Did Jack’s knowledge about how to hack medical devices, ATM cash machines and modern cars play into the reasons for his death, or the rumors that a car hack was behind investigative journalist Michael Hasting’s death. It is apparent that there may be a connection, given the trail of dead, incarcerated and otherwise targeted journalists and whistleblowers including but not limited to Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Barrett Brown, Michael Hastings, Glenn Greenwald and beyond.

As we have previously reported, also significantly in play is Gen. Keith Alexander’s connection to the secretive and elite Bilderberg conference, which he began attending in 2008 while the Bilderberg group began pursuing discussion on “cyber security,” “cyber terrorism,” and various components of the digital and big data agenda.

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