Hacker Exposes Email Addresses of 1,350 CFR Members

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Editor’s Note: Whatever may be said about the practices and ethics of hackers, and the potential for white- and black-hat hackers alike to make disruptive contributions, it has been the unaccountable and opaque nature of many government activities and extra-governmental bodies (like the Council on Foreign Relations and Bilderberg, among many others) who have seemingly prompted such extra-legal actions to reveal its agenda.

While wielding undue influence with immense power and a carefully-steered agenda, organizations like the CFR often claim to be accountable because they publish many discussions, print a periodical (Foreign Affairs magazine) and issue press releases. However, many of its meetings take place under Chatham House rules – where members are barred from discussing the proceedings with outsiders. Moreover, the real power of such clubhouses come from its network of high-ranking members. At its core, the Cecil Rhodes secret society directs its agenda, with major families including the Rothschilds and Rockefellers ensuring that its objectives are met.

The legitimate aims of the United States government – securing the rights of its people – are continually thwarted by such subversive organizations which supply members to high offices of the government (most often by appointment) and work against the Constitutionally prescribed functions of the executive, legislative and judicial branches, frequently advocating ill-advised and unconstitutional policy, both abroad and at home.

Nevertheless, any media coverage of such hacker events is typically quick to regard whistleblowers as criminals, and government-affiliated institutions and reverent and above reproach. Nothing could be further from the interests of the American people or the intent of its founders.

Hacker “Guccifer” Releases email addresses of over 1000 Council on Foreign Relations members in most recent hack

JG Vibes
July 30, 2013

In the past year or so a hacker by the name of Guccifer has been working to expose various members of the ruling class, and has some success linking both Colin Powell and Tony Blair to the Bohemian Grove.  Now he has struck again, releasing the emails of over 1000 CFR members.

According to NBC News:

The government transparency website Cryptome.org has published 1,350 names and email addresses of corporate titans, media figures and policy executives who are on the Council on Foreign Relations.  The list includes hundreds of intelligence, defense, government and corporate heavyweights who are members of the New York-based group.

All are contained in a 76-page contact list of CFR members interested in intelligence issues.  The Council on Foreign Relations responded to reports of the hacking by noting that the hack itself was not of the organization’s computer network but of an individual email account that contained the list. 

Today there are many organizations that work over top of our government which have been put into place by the modern day feudal oligarchy.  Many times these organizations are called “think tanks” or “policy institutes“.  Policy institute is the more appropriate term, because these are the organizations that set the political policy and hand it down to the politicians.  This is where our politicians get all their wonderful ideas from!  Bush didn’t come up with the 300 page patriot act all by himself, but it was actually the work of a think tank called “the Project for a New American Century“.  Obama‘s infamous health plan wasn’t something that good ol Barack spent half of law school working on, but that too was the work of a thank tank.

The foreign and economic policy is set by these organizations as well, so that means the government’s stance on wars, tax plans or welfare is all decided upon by these groups.  Memos and reports created at these organizations make their way through the pentagon and the white house where they eventually land on the president’s desk.  At this point the president signs to authorize the plan, and reads over the policy so he is prepared to explain it when asked by reporters.

The most powerful of these organizations are the committee of 300, the Bilderberg Group, The Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.  There are plenty of other diabolical think tanks, but these are the most influential.  The people who belong to these specific groups are the wealthiest people in the world who own and operate the world’s largest multinational corporations.  The families that sit at the head of these organizations belong to the royal bloodlines that I discuss in some of my books.  There are well over a dozen bloodlines who have been secretly working together to exploit the rest of humanity for many centuries, all of which are descendants of the royal dynasties that ruled in the middle ages.


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