So Monsanto Says Its GMO Pollen Can’t Drift…



Pro Tip: Pollen drifts… that is how pollen works.

So wildfire embers can travel over a mile, huh? Interesting tidbit.

Here’s another. Back in 2002, in the midst of Monsanto carrying on trials for its Roundup Ready GMO wheat in 16 states across the nation, Danny Gigax, Monsanto’s representative for wheat research partner relationships, claimed in an interview that, “Outcropping or pollen drift is less than .01 percent because the pollen is relatively heavy.” (Source:

Mind you, this guy’s full-time job was preventing Monsanto test wheat from contaminating natural wheat crops.

Now fast forward to today:

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(Yeah, nothing to worry about though, Mr. Gigax says its pollen can’t really drift cuz, you know, it’s like ‘relatively heavy’ and stuff…)

Also, this.

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