Obama’s Immigration Organizer: “We’re Going To Force It Through The House”

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Editor’s Note: Between Obama’s reported comments to the Brady Center that he would pursue gun control ‘under the radar’ to repeated signals that the administration intends to ‘force through’ its agenda, it is made all too clear that we’re living under a criminal regime, and it is in no way limited to the Obama Presidency. Quiet tyrannies slipped into bill after bill, bills that span thousands of pages and are never read by our supposed representatives in Congress, lies to the public about the real intent of Washington, handing over power to agencies like Homeland Security, wars started and continued on false pretexts and more all underscore this.

The laws we see established today are ushered in under lawlessness, pure and simple. And how many seek to undermine our stability in the world as Americans? How many undercut the way of life we proclaim to enshrine? What will become of the independence and liberty we once held so dear as ideals, if not real pursuits?

Kleptocracy is king, yet few seem sufficiently disturbed by the new status quo… and it can’t be long before the system breaks down under these conditions.

Obama’s Organizing For America Chairman On Immigration: “We’re Going To Force It Through The House”

Freedom Outpost
July 24, 2013

Jim Messina, the man who is Barack Obama’s former campaign manager and now is the chairman for Obama’s advocacy group, Organizing for America, recently said that the group is going to push for comprehensive immigration reform in the U.S. House of Representatives. “We are going to force it through the House,” said Messina.

The Washington Post reports that Messina added, “I will sit with you and cry when Barack Obama signs his name on that law and millions of people come out of the shadows.”

What exactly does Obama have in mind? It appears that it is pretty much everything that is in the Senate’s amnesty bill which passed 68-32 at the end of June. Not only did it contain a $5,000 penalty for hiring hiring citizens over legalized aliens, but there were a number of serious financial and national security issues that were in the bill as well.

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