Reverse Trayvon/Zimmerman Acquittal Case Ignored

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Editor’s Note: As others have pointed out, this 2009 case closely mirrors the super-hyped Trayvon/Zimmerman case, but with one twist – the man who exercised self-defense was black, and the slain alleged assailant, or alternately innocent victim, was white. But this case was never hyped. So why is Trayvon so emphasized? The difference is obvious enough, as no one has been able to escape news coverage of the highly politicized Trayvon/Zimmerman case. One is part of an agenda to divide the country over racial questions and challenge gun rights, while the other fails to carry that message. This example is not the only case to point out the hypocritical and disproportionate emphasis on Trayvon/Zimmerman.

It only serves to prove the fact that the mainstream media is nothing more than an establishment puppet when it comes to what cases they highlight and why.

Jury Finds Roderick Scott Not Guilty

YNN Rochester
Dec. 18, 2009

[…] Scott says he acted in self defense when he confronted Cervini and two others saying they were stealing from neighbors cars. He told them he had a gun and ordered them to freeze and wait for police.

Scott says he shot Cervini twice when the victim charged toward him yelling he was going to get Scott.

“How can this happen to a beautiful, sweet child like that?” asked Cervini’s aunt Carol Cervini. “All he wanted to do was go home. And then for them to say, he was saying, ‘Please don’t kill me. I’m just a kid,’ and he just kept on shooting him.”

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Why Is the Government So Involved in the Trayvon / Zimmerman Case?

(Melissa Melton, Truthstream

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