22+ Children Die After Eating Insecticide-Tainted ‘Free’ Meals

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Editor’s Note: As this author mentions, thanks to what the Brookings Institute terms the “CNN Effect”, the American viewing audience is willing to pour out sympathy for highly sensational events like Sandy Hook, Trayvon, 9/11, etc. without asking real questions about what happened, meanwhile turning a completely blind eye to the damage done to equally valuable children harmed in the 3rd world by U.S. foreign policy, U.S. corporate dominance, biotech food in particular, and conditions perpetuated by a Eugenics philosophy on the part of the rulers, and of ignorance on the part of enabling taxpayers in general.

Cassius Methyl
July 16, 2013

In India, violent protests against the government included setting cars and bushes on fire, and throwing rocks at a police station, after over 22 children died from organophosphorus poisoning. Likely a result of GMO foods, genetically modified to withstand more poison, it is unclear yet why the poison was in the children’s food.

The headmistress of this Indian school has fled, as people burn vehicles and bushes, looking for any possible way to put the corrupt Indian government on notice. 22+ children are dead, and many more are ill, because of organophosphorus poisoning, possibly from GMO foods genetically modified to withstand large amounts of poison.

If this were the case, normally food would be prepared with only an amount of these poisons that would cause problems LATER in life, but this time, if this is the reason why the poison was present, the vegetables must have not been prepared correctly. The situation in India, caused by companies like Monsanto and Sygenta for manufacturing these poisons and destroying natural agricultural methods, are causing Indian farmers to commit suicide in large numbers, like never seen before.

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