Obama’s REAL First Campaign Speech for President


(Truthstream Media.com)

Phony elections are the norm because The People have lost their political power.

Powerful forces can rather easily launch manufactured candidates into the political arena, even from scratch. An astounding example is found in Obama’s REAL first speech campaigning for the presidency – back in 2004.

As if in a magician’s routine, it has been repeatedly proved that crafted rhetoric and astroturf buzz is enough to generate energy and emotion in a crowd – enough to convince masses of people to vote blindly for a candidate they know little to nothing about, but who carries themselves in a convincing manner. Propagandists and press relations boast big claims about shallow people with bounding ambition.

Obama is a prime example. He entered the national stage as the keynote speaker of the Democratic National Convention in 2004, at a time when he’d only held office at the state level, and wooed crowds as a hailed “rising star” already promising “hope” to a troubled generation. He was stumping for John Kerry, now his Secretary of State, and was introduced as a rising political star by Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State before that. None have made good on promises of peace, restoring civil liberties, ending the wars or bringing home the troops.

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