Why a Federal GMO Labeling Law Could Be Worthless


(Truthstream Media.com)

They don’t want you to know what goes into your “food.”

Prop 37 – which aimed to mandate GMO food labels in California– was a big showdown battle where mounting public concern was ultimately defeated by the power of big industry money. The momentum for labeling genetically modified ingredients, and bringing about greater food transparency is being co-opted by Big Organic players meeting at the table with the biggest biotech and Big Food corporations.

These opposing sides have planned a compromise around a federal GMO labeling scheme that likely will lack teeth and render useless any State-level labeling laws that would put in place real restrictions.

Melissa Melton and Aaron Dykes give examples of countries where labeling laws are circumvented by loopholes that require only soy and corn to be labeled, while letting slip through oils and other combination frankenfoods.

The infiltration and takeover of regulatory agencies and policy making engines in government, along with legal prowess to write exemptions and loopholes, has allowed the major biotech corps – including Monsanto – to flip the idea of a food regulators on its head and convert “watchdogs” into collaborators who aid in funding and approving GM crops, as well as give cover to keep the public in the dark about what is transpiring behind the scenes with food.

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