Coming Soon: Corntamination – A Mini-Documentary on ‘Pharming’

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“Just one mistake by a biotech company and we’ll be eating other people’s drugs in our corn flakes.” – Larry Bohlen, Friends of the Earth

Truthstream presents a sneak peek at our upcoming mini-documentary profiling the threats of contamination to our food supply, and the increasing movement to replace organic life with synthetic. Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton take on one case example, where leading “Pharming” firm Prodigene accidentally tainted food crops with their experimental pharmaceutical corn products growing in open air side by side.

Instead of learning from their mistakes and stopping risky practices, biotech continues growing pharma crops with government funding and a boost from regulatory fast-tracking. Who is watching and regulating our food supply? From the Secretary of Agriculture on down, many of our government officials are little more than tools of lobbying efforts to promote genetically-modified foods… at any cost.

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