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Masonic Cemetery: Some Are More Equal Than Others in Death

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Grave site highlights the status and power of the secret society in public life.

Even in small town Texas, being a Mason and part of the power structure gives distinction even in death. A Masonic cemetery right next to an ordinary cemetery reveals a much different status for those included in the secret rite and those who are just part of the general unwashed masses.

All the more preference is shown in life, as its members frequently include judges, mayors, congressmen, bankers, industrialists and other individuals with positions of power. Lower level Masons remain in the dark about the organization’s compartmentalized participation in the larger agenda to manipulate society and steer its development for the benefit of a few.

Here’s a few of the symbols and interesting features in the cemetery:

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Aaron and Melissa Dykes

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  1. The probable reason for the discrepancies in burial status is that the Eagle Lake Community Cemetery was originally called the Farmers Improvement Society Cemetery. Hence it was closed to the public until its later acquisition. Give it some time and it too will fill out.
    Freemasonry teaches people the art of governing themselves, it is called the Royal Art. The sun, moon, and stars are the varying degrees of enlightenment that preserve man on his path for this very purpose.

    And thus, the goal of true Freemasonry is to enable humanity to attain its liberty through applied Christianity, the proliferation of the teachings of Christ, and the enlightenment of reason: to unite the world and humanity, separated by diverse institutions, into a single family and to bring about the kingdom of the just and the virtuous. However, since hitherto no human invention, be it ever so holy and honorable, has remained free from desecration, Freemasonry consequently suffered the same fate. Men who were already on the path of light, were accepted into this holy society, but strayed from this so well-begun path through their own adverse behavior fell upon the mad idea of using the incomplete knowledge gathered in the Sanctum’s vestibule and deceiving the expectations of others with similar, borrowed traditions, using them for their own, often shameful purposes as tools of their selfishness and ambition: since in these institutions of theirs, the foundation was not laid on solid ground, so it could have an effect on the corrupted world, since the final purpose and the secret was still hidden from them and they had prepared their followers for great expectations none the less, their devised various schemes, from a lack of the better and to postpone the discovery of their deceit. They invented degrees on top of degrees: they endeavored at last to incite man’s natural inclination for the mysterious, to stir his imagination, and to numb reason. Now persons, who conducted themselves very poorly toward others, even pretended to be in close contact with invisible beings. One spoke of intuitions, revelations, and rapture. One tore persons who already were unmindful toward the present away from these matters to look into the future: Even the most devastating of all tendencies, the source of insatiable wastefulness, moral corruption, and unsocial, malicious miserliness, the greed for gold, was stirred: all sorts of ancient material was sought out and nothing was left untried to spread irrationality, superstition, folly and immorality, to impede good workers and numb humanity toward its own misery and misfortune by a kind of anesthesia. Had not the noble ones and the elect stood in the background, resisted the encroaching perdition, and supported the tumbling, sinking building on their shoulders, new corruption would have fallen upon the human race; regents, priests, and Freemasons would have banished reason from the earth, which would have been flooded with tyrants, hypocrites, murderers, ghosts, corpses, and human-like animals instead of human beings. And although these patrons of darkness are plotting our demise, they have strengthened the Legion of the Elect all the more by concealing the only entrance from curiosity and infiltration by and persecution from the unholy even further. However, one would be very mistaken in the belief that this is the only advantage our society and the world can draw from these excremental procreations. They prepare the way, even though they do not arrive at the goal. They awaken a new interest: they open up new, hitherto unknown prospects, and these awaken the spirit of invention and the expectations of human beings; they make people more indifferent toward the interests of the state, and they bring people of different nations and religions together under a common bond, drawing the most capable minds away from the endeavors of the state, bringing people together who did not know one another before and perhaps would have never known one another; they undermine the state by this, even if it is not their purpose; they bump into one another, rub against one another, teach human beings the power of joining forces, to discover the imperfection of their previous constitutions, causing their opponents and the public government to harbor no mistrust toward them, due the imperfect, so often published parts of their institutions: they serve as a mask for a better, wiser institution, all the while placing us in a position of uniting their better people, who have been led by the nose for so long, in our midst and lap, once we have prepared them properly. They therefore weaken the enemy, even if they do not defeat him right away, and they decrease the number and zeal of his champions. They scatter his horde to prevent the attack: and as these new connections are bolstered in numbers and wisdom at the expense of the old, they must gradually crumble on their own. Furthermore, since this yearning for secret, better connections are founded on our unceasing drive for happiness and in the flaws of all prior, old systems and naturally and necessarily was born from it, so all the princes’ efforts to hamper its progress is entirely futile. This spark may glimmer for a long time under a blanket of ashes: but it is certain that one day, it will erupt into bright flames: for nature tires of forever repeating this old game, and yet, the greater the oppression and persecution become, the more people will feel it and seek to bring about change: and they will seek it with even greater finesse. This seed of a new world has now been cast among men. It has taken root, and it has spread too widely that a violent extermination could prevent the harvest. All that can happen at this time is that the harvest is postponed further. Perhaps, centuries or millennia will pass over this: but sooner or later, nature must finish its days’ work at last, and our race will be elevated to the dignity, for which it was predestined from the very beginning. But in this process, we conduct ourselves as spectators and tools of nature, refrain from accelerating its success, and allow ourselves no other means than spreading enlightenment, benevolence and morality among men: and assured of certain success, we abstain from all violent means, and we are content to foresee the distant joy and happiness for the world that is to come, for which we have laid the foundation by the most innocent means. In this, we calm our consciousness against any accusation that we cause the overthrow and demise of nations no more than the statesman is the cause of his country’s collapse, because he believes it is not possible to save it. As diligent and exact observers of nature, we follow and admire its majestic progress, rejoice in our race, wishing one another the good fortune of being humans and children of God.

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