Bilderberg Spy Tech and Google Regime Change: Our Brave New World



How Many Knew that Google Was Involved in Regime Change, and that Silicon Valley Helped NSA Spy on Americans?

If technology has definitely changed our way of life, then those who control that technology hold the power of rulers, or think that they do.

Researcher and reporter Aaron Dykes appears on the Wednesday, June 12 edition of Anthony Antonello’s Silence is Compliance ( to discuss the increasingly vital role that high technology is playing in the schemes of the secretive Bilderberg group as well as in the lives of ordinary people.

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While most are aware that Google is the top search engine in the world and has incredible influence over the Internet, including which sites are promoted and linked to, few know about the admitted role the Google’s think/do tank “Google Ideas” has played in fomenting regime change in Arab Spring nations through the efforts of its leader Jared Cohen.

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Part of the role played by the former State Department advisor and now Google Ideas head in Egypt and other foreign nations is revealed in the book Cohen co-wrote with chairman of Google, Inc., Eric Schmidt, who routinely attends the influential clandestine confab that includes top industrialists, bankers, politicians and European royalty – and who play a decisive role in pivotal global affairs.

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Meanwhile, the recent revelations about the NSA’s surveillance of Americans’ phone and Internet activities is only amplified by the numerous spy tech and data mining hub firms fielded by Bilderberg insiders like Steering Committee Peter Thiel, the PayPal founder and Silicon Valley Don, known for financing adventurous start-up firms, out-of-this world experiments including floating libertarian cities and private space flight, and for backing leading Internet sites including

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One such company co-founded by “PayPal Mafia Don” Peter Thiel, include Palantir, the data mining firm named after the “seeing stones” in Lord of the Rings, who’ve been contracted by the NSA, CIA and other intelligence firms to collect, track and analyze vast amounts of information on society, including potential threats as well as dissident organizations and journalists worth of being targeted or watched. Palantir’s CEO and co-founder Dr. Alex Karp was selected by Thiel to attend the 2013 Bilderberg conference, along with other private intelligence firms like Stratfor and other tech leaders like (CEO and founder Jeff Bezos has attended multiple times now).

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