Why Is the IRS Buying Spy Gear?


(Truthstream Media.com)

[UPDATE: CNS News is reporting that the IRS has canceled this purchase order effective Wednesday, June 12, 2013. Still, the fact that the agency would do this at all is beyond disturbing, not to mention a Congressman has tweeted that he witnessed IRS staff practicing with AR-15s at a DHS training facility recently.]

Quick question: why is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) putting out federal purchase orders for spy cameras that can be concealed in coffee makers and clock radios?

Check out this federal purchase order posted on FedBizOpps.gov by the IRS for ‘recording equipment’ on June 6, 2013.

The purchase order calls for four “plant concealment color 700 lines color IP camera concealment,” four “covert coffee tray with camera concealment,” four “Remote surveillance system” with “Built-in DVD burner and 2 internal HDDs, cameras,” two “concealed clock radio” and more.

The IRS is already in hot water, not only for admittedly targeting conservative groups (even asking said groups what they pray about), but for spending millions on keynote speakers, paintings of Bono, fancy hotel suites and even parodies of Star Trek. It’s been made pretty clear at this point they take our money and waste it on ridiculous nonsense.

But since when did the IRS officially become a spy agency? It’s not like the National Security Agency really needs any help spying on the American people. Or are all of our government agencies really just one ‘Big Brother’ at this point?

The kicker is where all the money comes from to pay for all this lovely new James Bond-esque spy camera recording equipment — Our hard-earned tax dollars which the IRS collects from us!

The irony is approaching head-exploding levels ala the film Scanners.

(On an aside, does it bother anyone else that the IRS, who is in charge of checking our tax returns and deciding who gets audited, cannot even be bothered to spell the word “equipment” correctly in the title of a purchase order? I guess we can add that to the list right underneath senior IRS official Lois Lerner telling a press conference last month “I’m not good at math”.)

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