Why do bleached coffee filters cost less?


(Truthstream Media.com)

When you buy coffee filters at the grocery story, you have to pay more for filters not processed with bleach – an additional manufacturing step. Why? It essentially encourages everyone to pick up the bleached variety by default, just to save a healthy quarter or so.

And why are the filters we brew our coffee through bleached by default anyway?

What’s the big deal about bleach in a product that filters food & water you plan to drink? According to Green Living Works, bleached coffee filters may well be leaching cancer-causing dioxins – some of the most toxic chemicals known to science – into your brew! Around 25 percent of the residual dioxins are typically ingested, but worse still, they bio-accumulate over time… leading to a less than perky result.

Dioxins were made famous via the use of Agent Orange by the U.S. on the Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. Agent Orange was produced by Dow and Monsanto for American military application. Millions of Vietnamese suffered immensely with cancers, neurological damage, mutations and birth defects, etc., along with tens of thousands of U.S. veterans.

That cosmetic whitening effect via bleach, etc. is done to a host of other products, too, and could be taking a toll on your health. Even those products you don’t eat/drink may be entering the body through the skin or breathing passages.

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