What’s in that ‘secret’ sauce?


(Truthstream Media.com)

Some special sauces are made even more ‘special’ with your favorite corporate logos, contributing toward even more high fructose (GMO) corn syrup, plus tons of other “natural” and artificial flavors. And chemicals. Enough to make anyone chronically ill.

While sugar itself is plenty dangerous and should be consumed minimally and with restraint, a number of substitutes have their own issues that may even out do the harm of plain sugar.

Natural News covers just some of the issues with HFCS, noting its common usage in popular name brand barbeque sauces:

What is HFCS?
High fructose corn syrup is a pseudo-food borne out of the marriage of convenience, using government-subsidized corn with industrial chemical food processing methods. Mercury is used in order to transform corn starch into corn syrup. Testing has revealed that this toxic chemical may remain present in the resulting “food” product.

A toxic embalming chemical, glutaraldehyde, is also used to concoct corn syrup. The chemistry games played by food processors result in people consuming extraordinarily large amounts of a form of sugar, fructose, which the human body cannot digest as easily as sucrose. Research is steadily mounting, showing the health consequences of consuming HFCS include fatty liver, increased abdominal fat, higher triglyceride levels, increased tooth decay, anemia, osteoporosis, ADD and more.

Moreover, the makers of the documentary King Corn demonstrate the complicated technology and many steps needed to transform yellow dent #2 corn (different from corn-on-the-cob) into the high fructose corn syrup sweetener that has become so pervasive in our foods, including the use of a number of dangerous and/or toxic enzymes and ingredients.

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