Was Adam Kokesh Set Up Before Pro-Gun Rally?


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A video released today is raising serious questions about government motivations to silence major pro-gun voices in this country.

A YouTube video released today (below) shows political activist Adam Kokesh of Adam Vs. the Man getting arrested at the Smoke Down Prohibition V rally in Philadelphia on Saturday.

The video clearly shows what appears to be another activist putting something into Adam’s back pocket as the cops are dragging them away. This man has reportedly been identified as Don Dezarn, a Libertarian running for New Jersey Senate who was also arrested at the event.

Supposedly the only crime Kokesh has been charged with is resisting arrest. How that even works, we aren’t really sure. Resisting arrest for what? What were they arresting him for in the first place that he could even officially resist?

Peacefully protesting isn’t a crime. It’s the First Amendment.

Kokesh has been demonized in the mainstream media recently, as he has organized a controversial Independence Day pro-Second Amendment march of 10,000 peaceful, open carry permitted protesters on Washington, D.C. The police chief there has threatened to arrest anyone who attempts to come into the city limits armed as per the ‘taxation without representation’ city’s (obviously unconstitutional) anti-gun laws as D.C. does not permit open carry.

Many have questioned Kokesh’s true motives in this regard. Mike Adams of Natural News has posed the question, “Is Adam Kokesh crazy, or courageous?” Adams reports, “Appearing briefly on the Alex Jones Show today, Adam Kokesh explained, ‘This is an armed revolt against the American government. Make no mistake about it.'”

A White House.gov online petition “To not impede the Constitutionally legal July 4th, 2013 peaceful Open Carry March from Virginia to DC” has been started today in support of Kokesh’s upcoming rally.

As mentioned, Kokesh has been publicly warned he’s going to be arrested at his march if he brings a gun into D.C.. If he was planning to get arrested simply for the sake of getting arrested it’d be pointless, but it’s obvious Kokesh is trying to make a point here about how our rights are being trampled on by the power structure.

However, Adams has raised a good question about Kokesh’s open carry protest on Washington:

“Doing so in Washington D.C., however, is currently a crime (because of DC’s unconstitutional gun laws), and that means Kokesh and those who join him in the march are willing to be arrested or possibly even shot for standing their ground on their beliefs.

Again, that stance is actually commendable at a philosophical level. If you’re not willing to die for liberty, you don’t really understand what liberty is. But what concerns me about this march is not the principle upon which it is being conducted… it’s the ease in which the whole thing could be turned into a government false flag event.”

Since his arrest, Kokesh’s Facebook page has been continually updated. One post reports Kokesh was removed from the local jail by feds in the night and taken to a federal prison. Another more recent posts says,

“As I said before Adam is locked up in federal jail and we won’t know when we can get him out until monday… This page will be the source for up to date news on the situation as we know it – Lucas.”

So it would appear that Kokesh was arrested for the singular charge of resisting arrest, then taken to a federal jail for holding. Since when is resisting arrest a federal crime?

The whole situation causes a mixed reaction. There are numerous implications here, not only because of the potential that Kokesh was set up this weekend, but that he’s now being held in a federal prison on what appear to be unfounded charges right before he is about to spotlight the government’s attempt to infringe on our Second Amendment rights on a national stage in a very controversial way.

What do you guys think?

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