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Missouri Gave Feds Confidential Gun Data to Flag ‘Mental’ Owners

Melissa Dykes
Melissa Dykes Apr 15, 2013

Homeland Security gave Missouri a big grant and a pat on the head to rat out their gun owners.

Missouri lawmakers are currently unwinding a major deception after learning that a list of all the state’s concealed weapons permit holders was shared with the federal government, even though state law required this information to be kept confidential. Despite obfuscation and stonewalling during ongoing testimony, the truth is beginning to emerge.

According to St. Louis Today, the Missouri Highway Patrol revealed under subpoena that it gave a list of all state permit holders to the (federal) Social Security Administration who were supposedly conducting “an investigation into disability fraud related to mental illness claims,” yet were allegedly unable to access the encrypted list. Despite the official explanations, however, it seems clear that the issue of illegal data sharing is part of an attempt to catalogue gun owners identified with mental issues.

To complicate matters, Missouri lawmakers were already fuming after it came to light that the state’s Department of Revenue (MODOR) conveniently failed to alert them to the fact that drivers’ personal data was being scanned and stored at local offices across the state, and increasing documentation was demanded of applicants. The feds wanted this data shared because in Missouri gun owner identities are only stored inside driver records, and a special mark is placed on licenses identifying concealed-carry status.

In Missouri, a microcosm for the nation, it is becoming increasingly clear how the state government is being transformed into a secret police unit for federal control under Homeland Security.

The greater context, of course, relates to the White House attempt for all out gun control. Already, the Veteran’s Affairs office has put military personnel on notice nationwide that they will be stripped of their right to bear arms if they are found to be “incompetent,” including issues dealing with PTSD. And the case in 2012 of Brandon Raub makes clear how easily this determination can be abused, as the Army combat veteran and purple heart recipient was put under psychological evaluation and had his weapons seized following politically-charged comments Raub made on Facebook.

Meanwhile, New York state has stirred controversy after state police admittedly suspended gun permits and seized weapons from law abiding citizens who were prescribed anti-anxiety medication.

Under Obama’s expanding anti-gun frenzy, firearms owners listed in databases for mental illness and other disabilities will be the first in line to have their 2nd Amendment stripped, all without due process, without regard to doctor-patient confidentiality expectations, and despite the broad range of conditions listed under these sweeping categories or the potential for abuse.

Right on the heels of the Sandy Hook massacre, Vice President Biden assembled a gun violence task force to push the White House’s gun control agenda, complete with proposals such as creating a new federal database to track all gun sales.

Those proposals were partially manifest in Obama’s 23 gun-related executive orders issued January 16th, which clearly seek to deputize states, health industry professionals and federal executive agencies in the effort to accumulate information on gun owners and flag them inside such a database. Of particular concern are the orders to give states incentives to share data on their concealed-carry permit holders, as well as orders encouraging doctors and therapists to ask patients about guns in their homes and report it, along with their “mental health” status, to federal authorities.

In Missouri, a microcosm for the nation, it is becoming increasingly clear how the state government is being transformed into a secret police unit for federal control under Homeland Security. A 2009 Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) strategic report became infamous after it was revealed that state police were working with DHS-led fusion centers to profile and monitor political activists including supporters of third party candidates like Ron Paul and Bob Barr, as well as ordinary citizens displaying bumper stickers with historic emblems and American flags.

Now it has come to light the state is divulging sensitive information on its citizens to the feds partially through Homeland Security sponsorship. And again, the implications are much wider than they appear at first glance.

After failing to inform lawmakers in 2011, Senate Appropriations chairman Kurt Shaefer finally got MODOR (Missouri’s Department of Revenue) to admit under subpoena that it received a grant from the Department of Homeland Security. Not only were Missourians required to present many more personal documents than usual just to receive their license or concealed carry gun permits, but those documents were also being scanned and kept without consent or disclosure — documents that include birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, and name change papers, among others.

Further, license offices throughout the state are scheduled to adopt new biometric cameras purchased through the DHS grant that will take measurements of each person’s features and store them in a database as well.

While a 2009 Missouri law expressly prohibits the state from implementing the Real ID Act, sadly a bag of Homeland Security money is all it took for MODOR to look the other way and violate privacy laws. When questions arose from state lawmakers, MODOR first lied through omission about the program’s implementation, then brazenly continued to push it forward despite objections to its legality.

Missouri, like most other states, has fully mirrored all the federal government’s Real ID Act requirements, fitting in with the larger continuity of government (CoG) scheme to centralize all identity information under a national security database. Ultimately, it would be used to grant authorizations for travel, gun purchases and more — turning inherent rights into mere privileges.

Obama’s part in pursuing gun control, while playing the bad guy to 2nd Amendment advocates, is only one component in this grand CoG agenda. The program that initiated after 9/11 under Chertoff/Bush’s Homeland Security has matured into a high-tech tool of repression under Big Sis/Obama’s regime.

Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s comments at the Brady Center made clear the agenda would prioritize “no fly/no buy lists” where ‘maybe possible terrorists’ would have their 2nd Amendment “cancelled”. In its own distorted progression, that list is expanding to include the “homegrown” threats of unstable veterans and, in the post-Sandy Hook world, anyone listed on a “mental health” or disabilities database as well.

Never mind the fact that the ever-expanding “no fly” lists have been their own controversy, as people of similar names to suspects, innocent children and families, cases of reporters, lawyers, political dissenters and more have all been listed without due process or a legal framework to have one’s name removed or reviewed. The ACLU has estimated that approximately one million Americans have been placed on terrorist watch lists, the vast majority of which are unlikely suspects.

Applying this concept of monitoring to gun owners would create a hyper paranoid atmosphere that has nothing to do with security and everything to do with intimidating and infringing upon the natural right to keep and bear arms.

It should go without saying (but we’re going to say it anyway) that scanning and storing a multitude of identifying documents of anyone applying for a concealed carry permit amounts to nothing less than gun registration and intimidation of potential gun owners for a larger gun control agenda. And what has happened in Missouri and other states is only the beginning.

Ever heard the saying “Registration leads to confiscation”?

Melissa Dykes
Melissa Dykes

Co-founder of Truthstream Media, I’m an investigative journalist who digs into mainstream narratives and hidden history to uncover and bring to light the real story we haven’t been told about the world around us.

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