How to find the Password of the default IP Address?

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Knowing the password of the default IP address of the router is important. It helps you to change the settings of the router and also configure wifi and other changes to the router network. If you forget the password of the router then you might have to reset it to factory reset. After doing so all your previous settings and changes would be lost and you would have to reconfigure things again.

How to find the password of the default IP Address?

Generally, all the routers except for Linksys, Netgear and D-link broadband router use the IP address as the default gateway for settings. This IP address if the private IP address of the router which it uses on a network. Other devices connect to this IP address to access the internet through wired or wireless modes. For the administrative settings of the router, you need to access this IP address via the browser and enter the username and password to proceed with the settings.

The username is usually admin and it can be left blank also but this is not the same case for the password. The password is mandatory and must be entered. If you have not yet set a password for your router then you must enter the default password associated with your router. It is easy to find the default password on the internet. But to know the changed password is a tricky thing and people usually resort to the option for factory reset for these cases.

Default credentials for your router

  • If you are using a Linksys router then you can find the list of default password on this website After going to this page you can find the default credentials as per your model number.
  • If you have a Netgear router and are using to access the router settings page then look up for the default credentials at
  • Default credentials for a D-link router which connects using the IP address can be looked up at

If in case the default credentials for your router does not seem to work, it means that you had changed the password at some point in time. If you remember the changed password then do enter that. If not then the final option is to do a factory reset on the phone. In this case not only would your password be reset but also the router settings would also be changed to default ones.

However, you must change the default credentials soon for additional security of your network.

Steps to change the default password of a router

  • Log in to the router’s administrative console by entering the correct URL in a Web browser followed by proper credentials.
  • Once you are in the router’s administrative console, then you must navigate to the page from where the password setting of the router can be changed. Usually, it is on the Administration tab.
  • Choose and enter the new password. You would be required to re-enter the same again.
  • Save the settings and now you can login using the new password.